SECTA’s FSI monitoring systems are the new frontier of Structural Health Monitoring

Extremely accurate, reliable and continuous. We can monitor complex structures 24/7 in real time.

These advanced systems lead the guidelines for the predictive maintenance and supervision of the key structures (buildings, dams, historical heritage, etc.) and the Infrastructural Net of a country.
FSI optical fiber sensors are non-invasive and can be easily mounted on new and pre-existing structural elements.
SECTA’s FSI monitoring systems aim to overcome the limits and the practical difficulties met by other systems (optical fibers and non), helping the Infrastructures Managers improve performance and safety.
The data are reliable, secure and easily accessible by the clients, with early warning alarms sent once the safety conditions are exceeded.

Electric mobility


Electric Mobility. Battery monitoring systems with shape, strain and temperature sensors.

Precise temperature mapping of electric vehicles battery packs.

Monitoring of battery case deformation in Strain or Shape mode.

Tank integrity | Leakage detection


Leakage from the floor of corroded storage tanks is a safety, environmental and economic hazard.
Shape imperfections can introduce friction between the floating cover and the tank, generating sparks. A tank failure and the consequent potential explosion/ fire at adjacent infrastructures is unacceptable.
Shape sensing and vibration monitoring with FSI systems on storage tanks can detect shape imperfections, leakage and cracks.

external environment | engines | airframes


Fiber optics are used in Aerospace and Space Economy industries mainly for:
Health monitoring of external environment
Health monitoring of engines
Health monitoring for airframes

FSI fibers can be used to monitors 3D deformations of airplane wings and helicopter blades.
Due to the high sampling frequency (1 MHz) applied to each optical sensor, it is possible to define alert thresholds in case of blade delamination and unusual vibrations caused by plastic strain or material loss due to collisions with objects during the flight.

Wind Power


Health monitoring and predictive maintenance with light. Turn key solutions for real time health monitoring and predictive maintenance of wind turbines farms.

FSI systems allow wind turbines farms manager to constantly keep control of the wind turbines operating conditions both in land and off-shore, allowing:

wind turbine plants yield increasing
monitoring of blades operating conditions
blade residual fatigue life assessment
ice and cracks detection
tower and base bolts structural monitoring
generator mechanical failures detection