Innovation and development

FSI optical fiber systems are the new frontier of Structural Monitoring of bridges and viaducts, overcoming the limits of the approximation resulting from discrete measurement systems.

The FSI fiber optic sensors can be used not only to investigate displacements, strain and loads, vibrating modes, fatigue resistance, inspection tests and lifespan during the operating stage of a bridge, but it’s also very interesting to monitor a bridge during the launching phase, the phases of assembling and construction and the phase of strip out of piles and spans, especially when they are affected by external loads as wind pressure, earthquakes or landslides.

3D shape sensing of structural elements and real time Digital Twin representation of the bridge
Static and dynamic monitoring
Detection of vertical and transverse deflection
Measurement of rotations and displacements of piles and spans
3D shape sensing of bridge piles with an error <0.2% for a 10% displacement across the section length
Real-time information regarding loads and vibrating modes
Cracks real time monitoring with out-of-tolerance alarms sending
Measurement of stress and strain of the foundations
Thermal analysis and monitoring of the atmospheric events on the bridge
Estimation of the fatigue curve of the structure and lifespan