The name SECTA Monitoring comes from the latin word “secta”, feminine noun I declension of the prefect passive participle of “secō” (divide), which relates to the segmentation of the FSI optical fibers.


The start-up brought together by the combination of the competence:
Nova Scientia: spin out of Oxford's Cranfield University and holder of FSI and Shape sensing technology IPs.
Global Sensing: system integrator with more than 25 years experience in industrial metrology and reverse engineering.
IN.CO. Ingegneri Consulenti: design firm active in the infrastructure fields, founded in 1961 by Silvano Zorzi.


Clive Candler – CEO of Nova Scientia and Electrical Engineer with a background from Formula 1 (Mercedes-AMG), Alberto Verzeletti – CTO of Nova Scientia with previous experience in Ferrari and Mercedes-AMG, Valerio Vezzari – CEO of Global Sensing and expert in monitoring solutions, Giuseppe Troccoli – CEO of INCO Smartech and co-owner of IN.CO, supported by a team of specialists and consultants in Mechanical, Optical and Civil Engineering, created a revolutionary company which has the ability to develop and deliver advanced monitoring systems based on FSI (Fiber Segment Interferometry) technology and customized for different industries (Infrastructures, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace, etc.).

Clive Candler: Amministratore delegato di Nova Scientia ed ingegenre elettronico con esperienze pregresse in Formula 1 (Mercedes-AMG)
Alberto Verzeletti: Direttore tecnico di Nova Scientia con esperienze in Ferrari e Mercedes-AMG
Valerio Vezzari: Amministratore unico di Global Sensing ed esperto di metrologia
Giuseppe Troccoli: Amministratore delegato di INCO Smartech e co-proprietario di IN.CO

Supportati da un team di specialisti e consulenti in ingegneria meccanica, fisica ottica ed Ingeneria civile, hanno dato vita ad una compagnia rivoluzionaria che ha l’abilità di sviluppare e consegnare avanzati sistemi di monitoraggio basati sulla tecnologia FSI (Fiber Segment Interferometry) e confezionati per differenti industrie (Infrastrutture, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Aerospace, etc.).