FSI TM System

The FSI TM system is configured for the 24/7 dynamic structural health monitoring of the elements of a tunnel with FSI (Fiber Segment Interferometry) optical fiber sensors and for the real time data transmission of the structural conditions of the tunnel.

It can be composed of the following parts:

SECTA TSS2D: FSI optical 2D shape sensors used to monitor strain in plane of tunnel lining sections;
SECTA TSS3D: embedded FSI optical 3D shape sensors used to monitor the inverted arch or the primary shotcrete ribs;
SECTA RMS3D: FSI optical 3D shape sensors used to monitor the deformations of the surrounding rock mass;
SECTA SLS3D: FSI optical 3D shape sensors used to monitor the longitudinal deflection and the relative displacements between concrete tunnel lining segments;
SECTA I2X: FSI optical biaxial inclinometers to monitor the structural setting of the elements;
SECTA CONTOL UNIT: FSI integrated control unit to interrogate all the FSI sensors and data transmission to a Cloud Server, which includes PCU GEN I and PC IoT Gateway;
Fiber optic backbone to connect FSI sensors with SECTA control unit.

FSI TM system includes data management software setup to receive periodic reports and alerts when thresholds have been exceeded. The system is customised to interface with client’s control system or with a dedicated dashboard.